Heritage4D specialises in virtual modelling of historic sites and archaeological data, publishing models and media from around the UK and overseas.

Based at Rochester Cathedral in Kent, over one thousand models have been produced over the last two years focusing particularly on medieval cathedrals but also including churches, monastic sites, castles, stand-alone sculpture and archaeological excavations.

These models have mainly been created using a technique called structure-from-motion photogrammetry; taking many 2D photographs of an object from different angles which software then uses to form a 3D model based on mapping the movement of common features within the photoset and estimating distances from their relative motion between photos. This technique can be used to shed light on artefacts and architectural features, some of which may otherwise be inaccessible, quickly and at a low cost.

I would like to thank the volunteers and members of staff from all of the heritage sites visited so far for their continued co-operation and support and especially those from our home cathedral at Rochester.

Jacob Scott, Director

Virtual Reality

All published models can be viewed across most virtual reality headsets, including inexpensive Google Cardboard for smartphones. For further info on Sketchfab’s virtual reality functionality click here.



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